• Latta Kefir Info

    What is Latta?

    Latta is a collection of artisanal dairy and non-dairy Kefir products now available nationwide. Made according to traditional Russian methods which are tried and true, all of Latta's dairy products are free from additives or thickeners. Organic and natural grass-feed Kefir are available in bottles and cups (for drinking or eating with a spoon) and in a variety of flavors. Delicious Russian Kefir Farmer Cheese and Russian Kefir Butter are also available. Our new line of non-dairy organic Kefir beverages include Coconut and Green Tea varieties. All of our kefirs are rich in essential probiotics that help keep your body healthy and strong!

  • Latta Goodness

    Why is it Good?

    There are many reasons why Latta products are great for you. Each bottle or cup is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that help to keep your body in tip-top shape. Probiotics are especially important for your body, as they help to maintain a healthy environment in your stomach and intestinal tract as well.

  • Latta Kefir

    How is Latta Kefir Made?

    Sometimes it’s best to stick to tradition, and that's what we did here at Latta. We make our products the natural, old fashion way. We soak our kefir cultures in milk and allow them to ferment in the actual container that they will eventually be consumed from, rather than in an industrial vat. And we do it with absolutely zero additives, thickeners stabilizers, or preservatives, to ensure that you get the best, most natural product.

  • Latta Uses

    What is Kefir Used For?

    Kefir is a versatile probiotic product with many uses in and outside of the body. Inside the body, it promotes the existence and growth of good bacteria that help that body stay healthy. Outside the body it makes a great addition to lots of different meals and goes well in soups, salad dressings, baked goods, and so much more. A lesser known use of kefir is as a beauty treatment. For centuries Russian women have been using kefir on their body, applied topically for a healthy and younger looking skin.